If you or your child do not fit into the “box” that general music instructors expect you to fit into, then you’ve come to the right place! We have written our own curriculum that can be adapted to meet the needs of any learner.

Are you or your child a “typical learner?” GREAT! We can work with you, too, and guarantee a fun, motivating, and rewarding experience!

Studio PTC is owned and staffed by Metro Music Therapy, which means each of our instructors are nationally Board-Certified and State-Licensed Music Therapists, all of whom have a background in making music accessible to people of all ages and with varying learning styles.


Our instructors exude a love for music which is extremely contagious! Our students find themselves learning while having fun, and are motivated to practice (gasp!) at home!

Read more about the lessons we offer for the following ages:

Kindergarten +
2nd Grade +
4th Grade +
Telelessons (online) for all ages


We are not a performance-based studio … which means we will not be organizing recitals for our students. Why? We want the love of learning to be the it for our students, not the experience of getting ready for a recital. Just like teaching to test in school, we do not want to teach to perform here at Studio PTC.

Does this mean we discourage you hosting a recital in your home for family & friends? Or that we will not help your child prepare for the school musical audition? Of course not! All of these performance experiences can be pivotal  moments in your child’s life, and we want to support your family in these endeavors.